M3 Wide Body

M3 Wide Body – BMW M3 is one of car enthusiasts like of Euro car. It is not so big but also not so small. The size of two door sports car is enough for people who like of sports car. But car enthusiast who have budget to ramp up the look of this car, will say that this is enough for them. They will create vehicle into something they desire. BMW M3 wide body is not just an original M3 but is customizing M3 to be more bold.

m3 wide body

There are many options of wide body kits available from aftermarket parts. Before we go into wide body part, first we will talk about the M3 itself. It is stated that the fastest M3 is the latest M3 introduced in 2021. The recent M3 competition deliver 503 HP and 479 torque on 3.0 L inline 6 cylinder engine. But M3 standard only delivers up to 473 HP. The car is equipped with turbocharged which is easy to fire the engine on low RPM.

The good of wide body is that this will enable you to use fatter tires that would directly impact on its better acceleration. One of it is Rocket Bunny. Rocket Bunny is a style of aero kit designed for sports car. When you have bucks to create a car that change exterior appearance, the style of wide body is something you can expect. But the price of well known brand such as Liberty Walk is overwhelming for one that has tight budget. Rocket Bunny is a way more cheaper than Liberty Walk. With Rocket Bunny you can save a lot which give the low price level of $3000. But Liberty walk will cost up to at least $8000.

Both come with different package. Rocket bunny has front lip, front fender, rear fender and optional wing where Liberty walk comes with wide fender, rear wing and front diffuser. There is also other options of wide body you can choose such as 2M Autowerks for M3 F30 sedan, or other aftermarket wide body kit. Its price range is from $3000 to more than $10000.

When you choose to equip M3 with wide body kit, surely you also want to use wider tires which can fit in wider fender. That is better combination for exterior modification. When you can afford both wide body and wheels and tires, this will be a good combination.

Now when you ask why wide body is used, we can only answer it because there are people or car enthusiasts that want to create a car with wider body. This can be done with wide body kit that states above. There are different wide body kits that you need to look at it.

So if you need M3 body kit to gather with your friends, associate, working groups or other car enthusiasts, it is a good modification that you can select to please you or your friends. We have seen a lot of wide body modification on other cars. It is perfect to use in M3 as well. You just need to choose one from different global brands.

m3 wide body


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