Stanced 350Z Cars

Nissan 350Z is a sports car that you will like because it has two door and street performance of a car. You would prefer it when it is modified it to be a stanced 350Z or slammed 350Z car. It is a Nissan 350Z that is being lowered so it has lower height. When you can make a 350Z stanced so you will see it differently than the stock one. It is a sign that you have different style or you like modification or custom.

stanced/slammed 350z

Sometimes, when you pass the street, there is a car with modification that you like. And you feel that you also want to change your car or add your car with something different. So it is one of modification that people often use. But it is not all liked by people though. Stanced 350Z is liked by those who do not want stock height. But anyone who like stanced 350Z is those who joined in 350Z car community. Sometimes they have different minds in the car community.

slammed 350z

One thing you can have with stanced or slammed 350Z is you can make an image with custom Nissan 350Z. Probably, you want to see another version of this car with modification. What you want from a stanced car? If you make it too low, perhaps you want to be careful as it would hit the street surface. They want to make it low because the body of car can be very near to the street. Also, it makes different when someone see it. Anyone seeing it would think that they like the car.

stanced 350z

So what do you thing about making a stanced 350Z or slammed 350Z would make it attractive? It may be depend on how much is the height remaining after you slam a 350Z. Anyone can prefer not too low on a stanced 350Z but others may prefer very low on this car.

slammed 350z

One thing to modify 350Z to be a stanced 350Z is by obtaining suspension. You also might need to modify your car’s body kit, wheel and tire. To set the lowest height, you would need to set your suspension. There are many aftermarket suspension on the market. You can choose one of many parts that you feel it is the best. Making a 350Z slammed would be one of best option of modification your car.

If you have a 350Z, you can have this choice to modify your car. One new way of making it different is getting it low height. Off course, you can do whatever you want to your car. If you are really getting bored with old stock style and want more style for a car.  Thus, this slammed 350Z would be perfect choice for you. It just need suspension aftermarket.

This exterior modification will make you comfortable with the appearance of car. To make your choice, you can try to see the images of this car with this modification. It will draw image and you can decide if it is for you or not.


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