Very Rare Twin Supercharger Cars

We have talked about twin turbo engine, now it is time to talk about twin supercharger. It is very hard to find a twin supercharged car. But there is also twincharger which is the combination of supercharger and turbocharger. While there are many cars using turbo engine or twin turbo. We only can find a few cars using twin supercharger. There is different thing between turbocharger and supercharger. But the use of two is not bad for the car engine. While twin supercharger is rare, supercharger is more used but only available on exotic cars such as Mercedes, Jaguar, Range Rover, etc.

twin supercharger

Cars that use twin supercharger are Koenigsegg CCX. There some models of Koenigsegg CCX which only a few of each model are manufactured. Koenigsegg CCX car has some models such as CCX, CCX edition, CCXR edition, CCXR special edition and CCXR Trevita. All these model cars use twin supercharged DOHC V8. Each of them can produce from 806 to 1018 horsepower. It is a first green supercar that run with biodiesel. The successor of CCX/CCXR car is Koenigsegg Agera. Only a few of these car models were ever manufactured. The price of one CCXR Trevita is 4 million dollars.

Let us discuss cars that use twincharger. Cars that use it are Lancia Delta S4, Zenvo ST1, Nissan March Super Turbo. In this post, there are news that Supercharging V3 Tesla also are added to increase the time for fully charging your EV from Tesla. This is news for US citizens.

Moreover, cars like Koniegsegg CXR is not allowed to be driven on the street due to its local regulation in the US. You can only drive it on the track.

If you wonder about using turbocharger or supercharger, this can add you a bit information. A turbo is more efficient than supercharger because turbo is not worked with machine like supercharger. Thus turbo can work lighter than supercharger. Turbo can spin much faster than supercharger. The advantage of using supercharger is increasing horsepower of your car. The plus of it is that it would be no lag. The cost is more effective. Supercharger is good at low RPM but turbocharger is good at high RPM.

Though much more people use turbo. In reality, supercharger also is also easy to install, maintain, has louder sound and more reliable than turbocharger. It generates instant and quick power. It is good especially for car with small displacement.

Although supercharger and turbocharger kit are sold freely as aftermarket parts, it should be used limited for a track purpose. Actually, cars with supercharger or turbocharger are used only in track. It is not recommended to use in a street. Because it is not a legal street car. When someone need supercharger or turbocharger, it would not be recommended to use it in the street. But there are now sold cars with turbocharger or supercharger, you will still be careful using those cars on the street. Hopefully this information of twin supercharger can be beneficial. This is post about information about supercharger, twin supercharger and turbocharger. Or you can also see reading about tuner cars.

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