Twin Turbo Engine

You fancy fast car but do not know how to make your car to run faster. Everyone who have watched about fast or racing car must know about this thing which is turbo. Right now car owners can get single or twin turbo engine. That is to increase the pressure of the car.

twin turbo engine

According to Holley Youtube Channel, in history, turbo has been used since 1905. What it is called as turbocharger is a way to increase horsepower output by increasing amount of air in the engine. Times before turbo is discovered, the way to make car running faster is by adding one or two cylinders on the engine itself. But that way is too difficult to do and cost a lot more than everyone expect.

With the invention of turbo, this way is a lot more simple and easy to do to add a turbocharger into an engine. The result can not be accurate as it depend on other factors as well. How turbocharger work? It adds more psi boost by adding more air into the cylinder. Thus the power it can get is increasing. That will make the car faster.

How much turbo can last? Turbo will last for the car lifetime. Will it be safe for the machine? A proper installation of turbocharger in your car engine to give more pressure and eventually add more power will not sacrifice car engine. But that would be depending on how you do it. There may be a limitation of an engine can load the power that is safe for the engine itself. You may consider the safety of your self

So you do not need to change the turbo but if you want to add more turbocharger then you need to change a new turbocharger. So when you already be sure to add single or twin turbo add the engine, you would have your car going faster than before it is equipped with turbo.

Make sure whether you need turbo. In case you live in a town or city, you do not need to have turbo in your car. However, when you live and work from a city to other cities, you can have single or twin turbo engine. Probably there is public transport and that would be possible to take you to the destination. That would be great too. But if you need car that is fast to travel from one place to another place, you might choose this type of machine.

So you need to ask yourself whether you need it or not. After you know this type of engine, you must know the use of it. But if you decide to have, you need to find custom car shop in your nearest city or town. Twin turbo engine can be used in two level rpm which is low and high rpm.

If you want to know about the fastest car in the world, that record is held by Koenigsegg which is Agera. It also has twin turbo engine in it which use V8 engine. There are other auto manufacturers as well which use turbo such as Honda, BMW, Porsche, Infiniti, Toyota. If you know any other cars, you can type on the comment section below. Another way than using twin turbo is using twin supercharger.

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