Slammed Supra: MK4 MK5 Customization for Toyota Supra Enthusiast

The Toyota Supra is an icon in the world of sports cars, known for its powerful performance and timeless design. Enthusiasts, however, have taken their love for the Supra to new heights by embracing the slammed Supra trend. Today no one wants to look at stock car like stock Supra which means Supra without customization. But there are different type of customization and here the customization we will talk about is slammed Supra.

What is a Slammed Supra?

A slammed Supra refers to a modification style where the car’s suspension is significantly lowered, getting it closer to the ground. This gives the Supra a striking and aggressive appearance while also enhancing its aerodynamics. The slammed look is achieved through careful suspension adjustments, lowering springs or coilovers, and precise wheel fitment.

In the world of custom cars, the slammed Supra stands as a sign to the passion and dedication of automotive enthusiasts. So, if you are thinking about starting on the journey of slamming your Supra, remember that it’s not just about lowering the suspension. It is about elevating your driving experience and making an enhancement with your beloved Toyota Supra.


Slammed Supra MK4: A Classic Masterpiece

The MK4 Supra, particularly, has become a favorite jewelry in vehicle for enthusiasts to apply the slammed treatment. Its sleek lines and legendary 2JZ engine make it an ideal candidate for customization. For info, 2JZ engine is only available only for the model of 1993-1998 Supra. It is unrivaled machine engineered by cooperation between Toyota and BMW in which BMW is the master on inline 6 engine. To slam an MK4 Supra, specialized coilovers are often used to maintain ride quality while achieving the desired lowered stance. This modification not only improves aesthetics but also enhances handling and performance.

slammed supra

slammed supra

Custom Slammed Supra: The Art of Personalization

Customization is in the heart of the slammed Supra movement. Owners have the freedom to tailor their Supra’s appearance to their preferences. Custom paint jobs, vinyl wraps, and body kits are popular choices to give the car a unique look. Wheels also play a significant role; deep-dish rims with low-offsets are favored for that aggressive stance.

Enhancing Performance

It’s not just about looks; performance is a crucial aspect of a slammed Supra. Many enthusiasts upgrade their engines to extract more power from their Supras. The 2JZ itself is a turbo engine and has two types which are 2JZ-GE and 2JZ-GTE. One is single turbo producing 220 hp and the second is producing 280 HP. It is designed for beginner tuners around the world. Furthermore, aftermarket exhaust systems are installed to give the Supra an charming exhaust sound.

What to Use to Achieve the Slammed Look

To achieve the slammed look, you will need several components:

  1. Lowering Springs or Coilovers: These are essential for adjusting the ride height. Coilovers offer more adjustability.
  2. Wheels and Tires: Select wheels that fit your desired style and ensure proper fitment. Low-profile tires complete the look.
  3. Suspension Geometry Kits: These kits help maintain proper suspension geometry after lowering the car.
  4. Adjustable Camber Kits: Camber adjustments are necessary to fine-tune wheel alignment.
  5. Brake Upgrades: Consider upgrading your brakes to handle the increased performance.
  6. Body Modifications: Add a body kit or lip spoiler for a more aggressive appearance.
  7. Engine Modifications: Enhance your engine’s power output with turbochargers, intercoolers, and exhaust systems.

Slammed Supra MK5: The Modern Marvel

With the introduction of the MK5 Supra, the slammed Supra trend has continued to evolve. The MK5’s modern design and inline-six engine make it a formidable platform for customization. Just like its predecessor, the MK5 can be slammed using coilovers, achieving a menacing yet sleek look.

slammed supra

The slammed Supra trend has breathed new life into Toyota’s iconic sports car. From the classic MK4 to the modern MK5, Supra owners are pushing the boundaries of customization and performance. Whether you’re a fan of the slammed look or a purist, there’s no denying the artistry and engineering that go into creating a slammed Supra.


This is little brother also being slammed which is slammed BRZ.

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