Supra Wide Body Kit

Supra Wide Body Kit – Have you seen a wide body Supra? What do you think about the latest of Mk5. This car is absolutely having uplift. In our opinion when we see it in the first time, Mk5 look younger and has a lot of changes in the design. We believe that everyone would not believe that is the newest Supra. And we will see here about wide body Supra or Rocket bunny Supra. Wide body Supra Mk5 should be more attractive than wide body Mk4.

supra wide body kit

There are some body kits available to equip this Supra with. But all available in wide body Supra are delivered with all body kits that it needs.

If it is the older Supra that you want to add with wide body kit, there are wide body kits available like rocket bunny. Supra Mk4 can get this rocket bunny. Rocket bunny Supra is rather much pricey than the others available from aftermarket wide body kits.

We have seen a lot of modification using body kits but as you know Supra wide body kit will be more wider than the usual body kit. If you use rocket bunny Supra, that would need to add wide body kit parts on fender called fender flare that is installed near the stock fender. This fender flare that would extend the size of the car width. Usually it will add from 5″ to 8″ from the edge.

After it is installed you can use fitment of wider tires and wheel to fill the gap of wider fender. You will be more interested into this modification if you also like wider tires and wheels that can support the length of the car fender. If you have tried to use wider tires and wheels for this fitment, then you may prefer this modification. Plus, all body kits from wide body kits like Rocket bunny have it all to build a new Supra to be more interesting.

wide body supra

One more interesting thing is Rocket bunny Supra Mk5 or Mk4. It is wide body kit used in previous generation of Supra as well. When you want to know how to build a rocket bunny Supra, it may be at least $8.000. Because this brand really do something different and build really perfect wide body kit. So it is the most expensive kit to date. With the cost that is similar like a price of a new car, you may think the money should go to something more valuable. But a car enthusiast would not think it as a waste of money, that is a cost of enthusiast. There may be a lot of group of car enthusiast around the world. But this Rocket bunny is really got the top-notch of wide body kit. Moreover, it is already globally acclaimed so that you do not need to worry about this work. The quality is the highest because it was made by laser cut.

The last thing is your consideration for using this modification. If you have decided that the look of it does not move your eye a bit, you can go on to get this one. What do you think?

rocket bunny supra mk5

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