Mazda RX-9 Car

Mazda RX-9 – Mazda prepares a successor for the rotary sports car RX-8

Mazda Company plans to release a new sports car, which, according to preliminary data, will receive the index RX-9 and will be equipped with a bi-turbo rotary engine. The rumors that the Japanese automaker is seriously thinking about a successor for the RX-8 model, appeared in 2011, but Mazda stubbornly refused to shed light on their projects and kept all the plans concerning a new sports car in secret.

Everything changed in 2015, when the executive director of the Japanese brand Masamichi Kogay hinted that it makes sense to release a successor of RX-8 on the basis of the MX-5 roadster architecture. The hints of Mazda’s boss were confirmed by the published information, in which the general manager and director of this resource Frank Mitchell expressed his confidence that the Japanese brand will equip its new sports car RX-9 with a rotary motor.

He said that, despite the fact that these power units have an increased level of emissions; Mazda will find a way to deal with this problem. It is expected that the new generation of rotary engine will boast of a capacity in the range of 450 horsepower.

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The Japanese brand seriously reflects on the possible release of the successor of the sports car RX-7. The new sports coupe will take top positions in the model lineup of Mazda, and, on the idea of engineers will be able to throw a decent challenge to the face of rival Nissan Z. In this case, the car will receive a classic layout with two seats, which will be dramatically different from the Mazda RX-8 in terms of philosophy – in Mazda they wish to give particular novelty new character of an uncompromising racer.

New Mazda RX-9 will debut in 2020

With regard to the new Mazda RX-9, there were different rumors, but the latest data slightly lifted the veil of secrecy. According to these rumors, it became known that the company will eventually embody its long-held ideas, by bringing back any of its cars with rotary engines. Such car will be the new Mazda RX-9, which release is scheduled for 2020.

The last car, which had a rotary engine, was released by the company in 2012. Nevertheless, the Japanese company has not completely forgotten its technology. According to recent reports, the car will be able to produce about 400 horsepower, which will be transmitted via automatic or manual gearbox.

Externally, the car will resemble the most a concept car RX-Vision, which was introduced at the first time at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2015. The exact dates of models delivery to the market are not yet specified, but the appearance of the prototype is scheduled for the next year. As for the true debut of the car, it will take place in 2020.

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