4 Underrated JDM Cars You Think Other Way Round

It is infrequently happened for things to be underrated except movie. We often watched movie that is underrated. But we are going to discuss about underrated JMD cars you would not think it’s like. This list come from any critiques from anyone on the internet. If you do not agree with it, it is okay. Because we just make this list to know about our or another opinion that you might not think about it. There are a lot of sports cars to date. You can choose whatever you want because the list is long. This article can make you rethink about what kind of sports car that you need.

underrated jdm cars

Toyota 86

This car is manufactured since 2012 till now. This car is the same as Subaru BRZ. Although it is a sports car but somehow any car enthusiasts wants a sports car with high power which can be used in something like street racing, drifting or dyno test. However this car should satisfy people that just want to ride sports car and do not want to be involved with racing. When you just need it for daily routine life such as working or for vacation such as travelling, sightseeing, then it is okay. The machine is 2.0 L boxer with output of 200-207 HP.

Toyota Celica

This car was manufactured between 1990 till 2012. It is a sports car with impressive. When you look at this car it would be like that you have just seen a supercar. You will be curious to this car. The Japan automaker must had made this car look so good that grab other people attention so much. Because it was really like super sports car.  The downside is its engine. It has is 1.8L 4 cylinder producing max output at 140HP. Even better version of it which is GT-S produced only 180 HP. Another model not popular which is Scion tC has higher power of 179 HP which is much better than Celica standard version.

Mitsubishi Lancer GT

After having success in Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Mitsubishi automaker latter built another version of the Evo which is Lancer GT. However it could not be as good as the Evo. If you can see the design of this, it is as good as the Evo so that we may think it also has the same power as and as fast as the previous one. But in fact this version is downgraded from the EVO. The standard version of Lancer GT was using 2.0 four cylinder with output of 148 HP. It is so much lower power than the beast, Evo.

Mitsubishi Eclipse

It is a compact sports car. It was one of cars that used in movie scene of the first of the fast and the furious. It has been since 1990 until 2011 it was produced. When you see the movie, it was ride by the actor Paul Walker. It was used in high speed on a road track. The drawback is that the car transmission was not as many as it was on the scene. The speed was also not so high as it was on the scene. From the spec, its machine output is maximum of 210 HP.

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