Mazda RX7 Rocket Bunny Kit

Mazda RX7 Rocket Bunny Kit – When we talk about JDM, Mazda RX7 is one that become the star of the JDM cars during the year of 2000. Although it has long been out since 1993, this car is still favorite for car enthusiast and enthusiast searching for this car with modification like widebody kit. Rocket bunny kit is modified body component or additional component equipped on a stock car. It is also known as a wide body kit. Rocket bunny differs from other wide body kits with the racing style like component made from materials from resin, white metal compound, or other materials. Rocket bunny V2 is a package of wide aero body kit with wing. So Mazda RX7 rocket bunny kit is good for you to have racing version of Mazda RX7.

mazda rx7 rocket bunny kit

Rocket bunny is made by Mr. Miura from Japan. If you purchase it from your country like Pandem Lab, the items included in the package include front bumper and lip, machine hood, front grill, side skirt, duck tail, front and rear over fender, rear diffuser, front light and turn signal. Or it can also be purchased from the original country, Japan. There is recommendation for wheel size for this kit. The wheel should be 17″ (235/40) – 60 (275/40) or 17″ (225/40) – 50 (255/40). The price to purchase this rocket bunny kit is around 3 thousand to 4 thousand dollars.

So if you are interested to make a JDM car with racing nuance, this Mazda RX7 is a good choice. Although the price is high in terms of modification but all in one package is a good bundle. But you can also purchase one item and another later. For example, you can buy front over fender and rear over fender without other parts in rocket bunny kit package. For racing car enthusiast , it is a good deal that come with a good price. However, if you are not satisfied with how rocket bunny or rocket bunny v2 look, you can add some wraps to layer it with things you like design such as colorful or printed layer or wraps.

The benefit of this added wide body kit is that you can be different from other car enthusiasts car with this Rocket bunny wide body kit. This RX7 wide body kit will enable you to take in a legal race in a race track. This wide body kit is a serious choice for enthusiast. The look of Rocket bunny RX7 will be interesting for a real racing enthusiast. While car enthusiast choose exterior modification, this choice will suit to the owner as well as other enthusiasts.

How do you purchase it from? This original rocket bunny RX7 is only available from the respected dealer that appointed by Mr. Miura which is TRA Kyoto or Pandem. You also need to know about the installation of rocket bunny kit to Mazda RX7 if you want to make it on your own. But you can ask for somebody else if you can not make it on your own. Because it is modification part which is sent from another place, you have to make sure it is from the original shop.

mazda rx7 rocket bunny kit

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