Porsche 944 Wide Body

Porsche 944 Wide Body – This would be rather long story of Porsche 944. Yes 944 was a Porsche generation that being produced during 1982 to 1991. It had sporty design as Porsche that is produced in recent times. Due to the long time gone of this car, there may not be a wide selection of wide body kit for this car. But for those car enthusiasts that have tried this car has said that this car is nice for track purpose.

porsche 944 wide body

Its top speed is 218 km per hour or 135 mile per hour and it needs to get from 0 to 100 km per hour or 0 – 62 mph about 8.4 second. It can be bought around the price of $9000 to $24000. You can still see sellers of this car.

Wide body kit is used to make 944 wider to some inches. You can try this modification to see the look of Porsche 944 wide body.

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That this car has gone through a lot of times used by the owners, you have to understand that this car would need regular maintenance and good service. Than you will be able to use it in good condition.

The benefit you use Porsche 944 wide body is that this modification will change its original appearance with something different look. Although the performance does not change, new body polish around the wheel will add effect to someone else.

The extension of its fender size also will enable you to change its original tires to wider tires and wheel. You will have to keep the old tires and change to wider tires. It is something that you need to do since you need to add wider tires to fit with wider addition of fenders.

porsche 944 wide body

Getting new appearance of Porsche 944 wide body is good selection of making other people to see Porsche 944 with excitement. Because the car that is sporty car and looks wider with its modification, other enthusiasts may be exciting to this new appearance.

This Porsche 944 wide body is good to have because it is said that this brand has not depreciate a lot compared to other brands. When you compare the depreciation of this brand to other brands, this Porsche brand would be loss a little slower than other brand. So it is a good investment to get this Porsche 944 brand.

Wide body modification is for people that want to get 944 modification because of the size may mean something to someone else. If you choose to get this modification for real, you will be amazed too.

porsche 944 wide body

However for car enthusiast, they may choose to take this car because of the brand itself. Porsche is well known brand and it has its own enthusiasts. Modification is just part of enthusiasts preference. Because they use their own money and it will be their rights to use their money.

Based on this model, 944 has Turbo and Turbo-S for choosing from. Your selection to make it wider is good if you want to add fender flare, rear wing to a Porsche 944 wide body kit. For example, another individual choice like scoop is also good selection.

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