Supra Spoiler vs. Supra Wing for MKV, A90 and GR: What are Differences

The Toyota Supra, which has long been famous for its custom and modification, one of known modifications for Supra is between a spoiler and a wing. In comparation, we have collected some points of each functions and brands for MKV, MK5, A90 or GR Supra.

Spoilers vs. Wings: A Distinctional Comparison

1. MK5 Supra Spoiler:

The MK5 Supra spoiler is a perfect yet effective aerodynamic component. Positioned at the end on rear trunk, it is designed to reduce turbulence and lift by “spoiling” the airflow. Key functions of the MK5 Supra spoiler include:

  • Reducing Drag: The spoiler minimizes air resistance (drag), promoting fuel efficiency during everyday driving and highway cruising.
  • Enhancing Stability: It prevents the car from lifting at high speeds, ensuring stability and control.

2. A90 Supra Wing:

mk5 supra wing

The A90 Supra wing, is a more prominent and aggressive aerodynamic element. Resembling an airplane wing, it generates substantial plus or minus downforce. Functions of the A90 Supra wing include:

  • Generating Downforce: The wing presses the car’s tires onto the road, improving traction, grip, and control during high-speed driving and on the track.
  • Elevating High-Speed Performance: It excels during spirited driving and track racing, where the added downforce enhances the car’s performance.

The Ideal Choice: Spoiler or Wing?

Selecting between a spoiler and a wing is essential on your driving preferences:

  • MK5 Supra Spoiler: If you seek a balance between improved efficiency, stability, and an unaltered appearance for daily driving or casual performance, the MK5 Supra spoiler is the choice to consider.
  • A90 Supra Wing: For those aiming for a track-ready Supra or desiring exceptional high-speed performance, the A90 Supra spoiler wing, including the official GR Supra wing or various aftermarket alternatives, delivers the necessary downforce for superior grip and control.

a90 supra wing

Top Brands for MK5 Supra Spoilers:

  • TRD (Toyota Racing Development):
    Shape: TRD offers a range of subtle and sleek MK5 Supra spoilers, complementing the car’s design.
    Material: Typically made from high-quality ABS plastic.
    Colors: Primarily available in standard body colors.
    Price: TRD spoilers are often considered more affordable, making them an attractive option for Supra owners seeking an OEM-style addition.
  • Varis:
    Shape: Varis specializes in more aggressive and aerodynamic designs for MK5 Supra spoilers.
    Material: Crafted from lightweight carbon fiber for enhanced performance.
    Colors: Typically available in carbon fiber finish.
    Price: Varis spoilers are on the higher end in terms of pricing, catering to those looking for premium performance and style.

Top Brands for GR Supra Wings:

  • Toyota GR Parts:

Shape: Toyota’s official GR Supra wings are designed with precision to match the car’s aesthetics.

Material: Constructed with top-notch materials for durability.

Colors: Available in standard body colors, ensuring a seamless fit with the car’s appearance.

Price: While they may be pricier than some aftermarket options, they offer authenticity and quality.

  • Voltex Racing:

Shape: Voltex Racing provides track-oriented and performance-focused GR Supra wings.

Material: Made from high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of track driving.

Colors: Often available in a range of colors, including carbon fiber finishes.

Price: Voltex Racing wings are among the more expensive options, ideal for those who prioritize performance on the track.

Choosing the right MK5 Supra spoiler or GR Supra wing depends on your budget, style preferences, and intended use. TRD and Varis offer choices for MK5 Supra spoilers, with TRD being more budget-friendly and Varis focusing on premium performance. For GR Supra wings, Toyota GR Parts and Voltex Racing are the go-to brands, with Toyota GR Parts being authentic and Voltex Racing catering to track enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a subtle addition or a high-performance aerodynamic element, these brands have you covered.

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