Custom Car Windows Decals

How to Pick Custom Car Windows Decals

Generally, Decals can be ordered as we wish. The decals that you put in your car windows can be just a mere picture or a message. For people who just want to look prestigious, they definitely will put cool decals on the windows. However, when your car is bringing something or someone important, like a baby or an elder, we definitely need a different decal. So, because of that, in this article, we will talk about how to pick custom car window decals that will suit your needs. 

custom car window decals

Make sure the size doesn’t block your visibility when driving.

The size is one of the most necessary aspects when it comes to car decals. Bigger they are, the cooler your car looks. However, it could be dangerous too. 

Why? Well, a decal that is big can block your visibility when driving. Let just say that you put a decal in the rear window, and the decal is filling all parts of the window. The question is, can you see other people’s cars behind you when you are driving? I bet it is difficult to see them, and that makes it dangerous. So, pick a decal that only sized 1/4 of your windows. Decals are cool, but do you know something cooler? Safety.


Of course, a durable decal with high-resistance is necessary, especially if you’re using your car every day. That means your car will always be exposed to sunlight or rain. It is why durable custom car window decals are necessary. 

If you’re afraid that the decal gets dirty or hard to remove, then a decal that can be put from inside is good too. With that, you don’t have to worry or be afraid anymore despite how harsh the weather outside. However, make sure that the decal is still visible from outside. 

Content and Context

This one is necessary for what you need. It is a decal that is based on content and context. Well, why not? A warning decal is necessary if you always bring important stuff when driving your car.

I probably mentioned this one earlier, yet, let’s just try to talk about it again. Well, for example, you are a father and a husband. You and your wife are a newlywed couple, and both of you had a baby. So, when driving your car, what decal do you need? Something cool or something with content and context that can warn or give a notice to people? Yeah, it is definitely the second one. What we need is a decal with a message on it. Well, put a decal that says there is a baby in the car. From that, people will notice and be careful when driving their ride, so they won’t bump you from behind. 

In summary, picking custom car window decals have criteria based on what you need. Never let the decal block your visibility when driving, make sure that the decal is durable, and put the decal based on content and context that carries a message or warning. But if you just need to cover with something dark, it would be probably like 70 percent tint, you can be just sort of all right.

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