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Kia Motors is a South Korean automaker, which produces vehicles of various makes, models, and types under the Kia brand name. The company has five brands namely – Kia Cadenza, Kia Forte, Kia Sorento, Kia Stinger, Kia Pro ceed and many others. These are high-performance automobiles with a range of accessories and performance enhancing parts. Kia motors have been in this business for many years and they are highly reputed. Who owns Kia Motors? They have a strong financial backing by Hyundai Motor Group. The company’s management has always kept in mind that the long term success of the company is dependent upon its dedication to quality and on maintaining customer loyalty.

kia motor

In 1960 Kia was established with a view to manufacturing luxury cars. After two decades the company started producing vehicles for the masses, including sedans and hatchbacks. Later in the seventies Kia produced the Tuff Tonka, a scaled-down version of the Toyota Celica which went through tremendous changes to become the stylish and sporty Tuff Tonka that is still popular today.

Kia Motors Europe is one of the major players in the North European region and has a vast network of dealers across the continent. The company sells a variety of automobiles, SUVs, and vans and has several sub-brands such as the Nuevo Le Nuese range, the Nuevo Laredo range, the Altea range, the AGCC range, the Canso range, the next series, the Graco series, and the Smart series. If you want a Kia automobile then it is possible to get one easily from any of the car dealerships in the area. There are many types of Kia autos to choose from such as thence, Fortwo, coupes, hatchbacks, and the s tronic.

In Korea, where production of cars is centered around the Songdo island, there is also a Kia division. A Songdo car market is similar to that of the Korean auto market and all the cars that are manufactured are exported to countries in south Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan. One of the brands that has its main manufacturing facility in south Korea is Kia. Kia was known to make sports utility vehicles before it moved its focus to automobiles. Kia Motors Europe produces its own versions of the Graco and Cushman worlds’ best-selling baby vehicle, the CTS.

Kia is also known to produce top quality sports utility vehicles for commercial purposes. The main article continues on with some interesting information on the motors division of the company. This division makes use of special high tech engines to generate greater horsepower and torque. Many of the engines used in the shortages have been improved since they were first introduced into the market. Kia currently produces four types of engines; radial flex, four cylinder, four stroke, diesel, and two stroke.

As stated before, Kia Motors Europe manufactures the Graco and Cushman brand. These two companies have been selling cars to consumers in north America for several years now. It was also recently announced that Kia will be building a new factory in north America and will be adding over 200 jobs to the area. It is great to hear that a major car company in Korea is expanding its operations here in the good country. Most of their production still takes place in Korea but they are doing a lot to expand so they can have access to markets like north America. Hopefully this new expansion will create more jobs in the cities that the motor company chooses to build in. There is also another car manufacture that you may want to know which is Jaguar success. What is behind their success? Look it through the link.

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