Must Have Car Accessories

Buying a car also implies the choice of accessories, extras that can prove to be decisive both for making the most of the vehicle purchased and for the future possible sale, as well as obviously on the final price.
In terms of options there is no shortage of intriguing offers, such as soft leather seats, small televisions, massage seats, heated steering wheels, sunroofs, precious wood interiors and many other extras capable of making the journey exceptionally comfortable for the driver and passengers.

Remaining, however, on the classic we can recall the most popular auto options with beneficial effects on safety as well as comfort.

Among the best-known car accessories we certainly find ABS, an acronym for Antiblock Braking System, the device thanks to which the wheels do not lock when braking, even if abrupt.

Still on the subject of safety, we remember the airbag that protects the face and upper part of the driver and passengers by inflating in the event of an impact.

In terms of driving comfort, the air conditioning system is priceless, which not only provides cooling in the summer months, but also helps to dehumidify the air inside the passenger compartment, making long journeys more pleasant for all occupants of the vehicle.

By now omnipresent is the power steering, the hydraulic or electric device that makes maneuvers easier, increasing precision and reducing the driver’s physical effort.

Car Alarms. The alarm is one of the most popular options, certainly useful to protect your car and also to save on the cost of insurance.

Since the mid-nineties the immobilizer has been supplied as a standard accessory, the well-known device designed to block the ignition of the vehicle if you do not have the key, which turns out to be useful, but often not enough, as the houses have found. Automakers by expanding the basic equipment for different car models.

The equipment obviously varies according to the house and model and for specific information we recommend a careful reading of the brochures and cards that list the standard accessories and the extra ones designed for the chosen car.

To help in the choice, however, we can remember which the car alarms are.

We can decide to mount an electronic anti-theft device, such as the previously mentioned immobilizer or the sirens that warn in the event that strangers approach the vehicle dangerously.

Satellite alarms are all the rage, which allow, among other things, to locate the car using the GPS and to receive information, even via text message, on the position of the vehicle.

Finally, we mention the classic mechanical anti-theft devices, starting with the steering lock which is a common car accessory and continuing with the widespread pedal lock to be placed on the brake and clutch pedals when you leave the car in parking.

Latest Generation Options. As is well known, the car manufacturers do not disappoint in terms of novelty and there are several interesting options in terms of safety, driving comfort and aesthetics.

Among the most interesting options, first of all we remember the head up display, the result of innovative technological applications thanks to which it is possible to project useful information directly on the windshield to the driver in order to avoid taking his eyes off the road to observe the control panel.
Still on the subject of safety and comfort, we also mention the cameras to be mounted on the car, specifically on the bumpers, to facilitate maneuvers that are not always simple such as reversing and parking.

Speaking of parking, we also remember the obstacle detector, a car accessory that is spreading and that is offered as standard equipment in some car models, as well as the alloy wheels and the metalized paint, optional that find a keen appreciation.

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