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It is this type of attitude that sets Elon Musk apart and his fans are captivated by it. Musk doesn’t need any type of advanced automotive marketing scheme or press release to sell his cars. Heck, Tesla doesn’t even have an active public relations department. And few journalists can even get a hold of Tesla. Some would say, this is a poor move on Tesla’s part but it hasn’t hurt them quite yet. Everything Elon does seems to get him the exposure he needs to sell his products and his fans do a great job of getting the word out for better or for worse.

automotive marketing

Tesla is the highest valued car manufacturer in the world. And it makes sense why, they build an amazing car. They have an iconic CEO and have pioneered much of the electric vehicle industry. It’s no wonder so many people love the cars that Tesla makes but some people might love Tesla, a little too much.

See for years, car companies like Toyota, BMW, and Nissan have made vehicles for the masses. And while they produce some amazing cars none of them have been able to replicate the same cult following that Tesla has created. Now, Tesla fans, you guys are great.

So what are some other ways that car manufacturers can compete with Tesla and grow their following? Marketing aside, I think it’s important for other car companies to begin building EVs that can truly compete with Tesla. Which honestly we’ve already seen a lot of. Elon raise the bar for the automotive industry turning the idea of EVs from a boring eco-friendly car into a sexy and desirable vehicle. Tesla even made the lithium battery technology available to their competition in order to fuel EV innovation. Elon truly wants to see EV succeed. And he wants to see the best car win.

Why is this? Why is Tesla such a cult in the first place? How do Tesla enthusiast fit into the car community? And are we at risk of Tesla stans ruining the car culture? It’s a very inflammatory title this week. Let’s see if I can back it up.

We can’t talk about Tesla without talking about the man behind it all Elon Musk. Musk is constantly in the public eye. And for good reason, he’s an internet enigma and self-proclaimed billionaire meme lord.

To them, Tesla is perfect and is the peak of automotive engineering and no other car company even comes close. Some people call this fringe group of fans, Musketeers but whatever you call them they’re not your average car enthusiast. What makes them different? I would argue that most car enthusiasts seem to have a broad appreciation for all cars. Like I’m not saying every car nerd loves Japanese drift cars, American V8s, or Italian Supercars, all the same. But for these Tesla super fans, Tesla is it. There are a few reasons that play into Tesla extremism but most fingers pointing back to what I mentioned earlier.

Elon Musk, Elon does a lot of things well, but he excels at one thing better than any other CEO or billionare on the planet, which is his ability to understand and connect with younger generations. He stands out among the other CEO’s that he’s grouped with, I mean. How many other car companies CEOs can you name? Like for me it’s William Ford, but that’s cause it’s Ford. Elon is clearly having some fun at his job. For example, he claims that next year he’ll be launching a doge coin funded satellite to the moon. He’s going to call it doge_1. We’ll see how that works out. Of course Elon didn’t tweet about how innovative he is or how his space technology is exceeding everyone’s expectations. His excitement was focused on sending the “first meme to space”. And I have to admit, that’s just good marketing.

No other CEO has connected with their customers on the level that Elon has. It’s a big reason why so many younger people look up to him and want to purchase his cars. Of course, it’s important to remember that not all Tesla owners are Elon fanatics or super fans, but it seems his personality has had a huge influence on his car sales and his cult following.

There are tons of car enthusiasts and gearheads that own Teslas and love them. But there are plenty of people who buy Teslas just because of Elon Musk. And I think these are the people who aren’t necessarily car enthusiast, but more so Tesla enthusiasts and a select group of these people have turned into the infamous super fans that we talked about. This brand loyalty isn’t completely unheard of in the car scene though.

There’s really no way to tell what might happen. There’s no doubt an influx of people have entered the car scene because of Tesla. Well, I think they’re not so much car nerds as they are tech enthusiasts. It makes sense why tech people would love Tesla so much in the first place. This is the first time a car company has merged computers and cars at this level. And it’s the ultimate gadget for tech nerds whether it’s Tesla autopilot, or touchscreen control unit that controls the whole car Tesla’s are practically One PLus nine pros on wheels.

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