The 2002 Cadillac Cien Specs, and Features

Simon Cox was the one who designed the Cadillac Cien and was introduced in 2002. This car combines modern concepts in terms of performance as well as exterior and interior design. Now 2002 Cadillac Cien is out. This car is built in England and inspired by the F-22 aircraft. The proportions look dramatic but that is what makes this vehicle special.

2002 Cadillac Cien For Sale


The Cadillac Cien engine code is Northstar XV12 with a V12 cylinder. The capacity of the engine is 7.5 liters. In each cylinder, there are 4 DOHC valves so that the total valves are 48 units. The horsepower is quite high with 760 HP or 750 BHP. The maximum torque of Cien is 610 Nm or 450 ft-lb.

This car has 175.5 inches length, 77.8 inches width and 46.1 inches height. The wheelbase is 108.3 inches with 1.62 ratios. The transmission is a 6-speed automatic gearbox. This car has low emissions since it combines the starter generator and direct injection system. It also has GM displacement in demand therefore users can optimize fuel use and do more savings.

A very reliable performance makes this car is able to reach at a very high maximum speed. The front and rear suspension uses double wishbones, so handling and road holding are responsive at high speeds. The Cien Concept braking system is also used on the front and rear so that stopping power is more powerful and remains comfortable.

Interior 2002 Cadillac Cien for Sale

This car only has 2 seats. Oncee you’re into the seat, the feeling is similar to sitting in cockpit because it was inspired by aircraft design. The main theme of the interior design is vertical by combining two colors such as bronze, black and silver lining. The interior building materials use carbon fiber and aluminum to produce a luxurious and sporty design.

Head unit appears with a vertical design. At the top of it is a touch-screen LCD monitor that will display images from the rearview camera. You can enjoy traveling while listening to AM / FM radio, MP3 music or playing CDs. AC settings are still using the manual button below the LCD monitor.

Steering wheel uses black and bronze on the bottom. The design of the steering wheel is flat bottom so it seems like a sporty car. Besides the speedometer and tachometer, there is a classic clock designed by Bulgari as their MID. The driver can also feel comfortable while driving because there is a soft arm-rest at the door trim and middle of the seat.


Cadillac is produced by emphasizing the aerodynamic side. Besides it wanted to be different from other Cadillac series, the 2002 Cadillac Cien also wants to distinguish itself in the sports car class through its distinctive identity. The front uses a grille that looks like a shield. The headlights also form a vertical that is rarely used in other sports cars.

Cien front tires use the Michelin 245/35 R19 as the front tire and the Michelin 335/30 R21 as the rear tire. Not only are the front headlights, the rear headlights also vertical. In the middle of its rear body, there is an additional high mounted stop lamp.

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