7 Cars That Start With N

Cars that start with n are not that many. However, you can still find the list of them below for your reference in finding the right vehicle for your need. Choosing the best car is not more important than finding the right one. You need to know your own needs and preferences so what you choose will benefit you on daily basis. Of course, having car is sometimes also about prestige, in which you need to find the best that can showcase your best as well.

cars that start with n

Here are 7 lists of cars that start with n for your reference:

  1. Nissan is multinational automobile manufacturer from Japan. It was established in 1933. Nissan can be considered as one of the most successful automobile manufacturers not only in Japan but also in the world. The company sell cars under Nissan, Datsun, as well as Infiniti brands. The company also produces electric cars and is considered to be the largest manufacturer in the world. They have sold over 320,000 electric vehicles in 2018 alone.
  1. NISMO or Nissan Motorsport International Limited is a division of Nissan. It specializes on in-house tuning, performance, and motorsports. They produce variety of tuning kits. However, they have also manufactured complete cars such as the 201 Nismo GT-R and the 2010 Nismo 370Z. The team has also participated in various international racing events since 1960s.

cars that start with n

  1. Noble is one of n cars brand from England. It is considered a low-volume sport cars manufacturer founded by Lee Noble in 1999. They produce sport cars with high-performance equipped with rear mid-engine. There have been seven models produced by the company since its inception including Noble M10, Noble M12, Noble M400, Noble M14, Noble M15, Noble M600, and Noble M500. They unveiled the latest during the 2018 Goodwoof festival of Speed.
  1. Neuspeed is actually a brand of aftermarket automotive parts from America and based in California. They produce and develop high-quality aftermarket performance parts for variety of cars. They have also modified several models of n cars including Neuspeed Civic Si, Neuspeed A4 Touring, as well as Neuspeed Thunder Bunny.
  1. Nova Engineering is a full service engineering company from Italy. They provide engineering as well as consultancy support for various sectors. Their service is used to help the designing and development process in full vehicle. They have involved in many projects of race car and street car markets. One of their greatest creation was the 1991 Nova Engineering R91CK.
  1. Novitec Rosso is a tuner of Ferrari cars. This company is already known worldwide. It is also part of Novitec tuning company specialized in modifying cars from other Italian brands such as Fiat and Alfa Romeo. They have established another brand in 2007 which specializes on Maserati cars.
  1. Nash-Healey was one of brand cars that start with n with massive success in the past. It was a brand of two-seat sport car produced and developed by Nash Motors in the project partnership with Donald Healey. It was produced to meet American market in 1951 to 1954. it was known that the car was the first sport car produced post WW II.

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