7 Cars That Start With K

Finding brands of cars that start with k is probably pretty challenging because there are not many of them. There are less than 20 brand cars that start with the letter k around the world. Well, it can be advantageous for you since you are probably more interested in having car that is not too common. Choosing a car is personal matter. You may follow guidance from professional to choose the best one but to decide the right one is yourself.

cars that start with k
Koenigsegg Agera

Here are 7 lists of cars that start with k you can consider:

  1. Karma maybe is not a very common name for a k car However, it exists and is based in America. This American automaker focuses on producing luxury electric cars. There have been many cars produced by the company including the Karma Revero as well as the Pininfarina GT. The Karma Revero is a luxury electric hybrid sedan while the Pininfarina is a luxury electric hybrid coupe.
  1. Katech is a builder of performance engine and vehicle. Their base is in Michigan, USA. They specialize in developing as well as producing high performance engines for specific cars. They also produce aftermarket parts, as well as variety of other automotive components. Their products are known to be reliable and high quality. Hence, they can maintain their credibility in the industry.
  1. Kepler Motors is an independent k car manufacturer from America. They specialize in developing advance performance vehicles that can be eligible to enter the high-end specialty car market. This k cars brand company was founded by Russ Wicks. The company unveiled their creation, the Kepler MOTION, a supercar with 800hp at the 2009 Dubai International Motor Show.
  1. KIA Motors is one of the most popular brand cars that start with k. they are from South Korea. This South Korean automobile manufacturer focuses on various vehicles including luxury vehicles and commercial vehicles. They produces their vehicles worldwide so that’s why they are one of the most successful automobile manufacturer in South Korea and the world. KIA also develops concept cars as well as hybrid electric vehicles.
  1. Kleemann is an aftermarket tuning company from China. They base in Xinjiang. They specialize in tuning variety of popular cars such as sedans, Mercedes-Benz sport cars, and SUVs. They have been producing performance superchargers as well for variety of brands including BMW, Audi, as well as Porsche.
  1. Kremer Racing is a motorsports racing team from Germany. Their base is in Cologne. The team has anticipated in various international events to professionally compete against other professional teams. They have used Porsche cars in various events around the world. They are also known for developing Porsche tuned cars. Their products are usually used for race or they sell it to other racing team.
  1. KTM AG is one of popular brand cars that start with k based in Austria. They specialize in producing motorcycle as well as sport car. The company was founded in 1992. In the beginning, the company focused only on manufacturing motorcycles. However, they have started developing and producing sport cars as well since 1990s.

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