Short Review For GMC Acadia SLE VS SLT

Looking for a car above the base and below models, it might be very confusing. There are several cars with the high-end feature but labeled to be the mid-range car. vice versa! Acadia is one of the best car offering many trim levels so you can adjust it based on your budget and need. Among its popular trim levels, GMC Acadia SLE vs SLT trims are the most searched for.

Gmc Acadia Sle Vs Slt

So, What Are The Acadia Trim Levels?

There are six trim levels you will love for sure with the base model SL and also its top Denali trims. However, most people look for in between this range model which are the SLE and SLT which each of them comes in varieties.

Which One Has The AWD Option

Well, the first thing we should consider when buying a new car is its all-wheel-drive feature. Mostly we find this on crossovers and SUVs, but we can also find it on regular cars too which are the cars with luxury performance. So, the AWD function is a full-time system that can send power to the four very useful wheels. This is a winter necessity which can improve tractions.

We found this feature on SLT and SLE trim levels as well as the Denali trim.

What Are The Difference Between SLE and SLT Acadia trims?

Of course, there are some big differences between SLE and SLT trims for the 2018 Acadia. It can be seen from the SLT trims which are featured standard leather for the first and second seats. Meanwhile, the SLE-2 already has a leather feature on the driver seats. The SLT-1 is also added with this feature but it is extended to the passengers’ seats. Additionally, he SLT trims come with lumbar control at the front seats.

In terms of technology, there are big differences between SLE and SLT too. The SLE trims feature a 7-inch touchscreen and the SLT trims get 1 inch bigger screen. Both of them have navigations too but the SLT trims give more entertainment with Bose® 8-speaker sound system.

It is also auto-dimming in the rearview mirror. It also features heated auto-dimming side mirrors for the SLT trims. Meanwhile, the SLE trims come with the standard feature.

Exterior, there is still some difference for each trim level which becomes options for you. But the most notable thing that distinguishes is the chrome SLE emblem. This is also located on the C-Pillar of the driver.

The Color Options For 2018 Acardia

Most all 2018 Acadia trim levels for SLE, SLT and Denali comes with the same number of color options which include Crimson Red, White Frost, Ebony Twilight, Iridium, Summit White, Blue Steel, Quicksilver and Black Cherry.

How Much Is The Towing Capacity For Acadia?

Acadia offers standard towing capacity for all SLE and SLT-1 trim levels. Meanwhile, the SLT-2 and the Denali has more with 3.6-liter engine standard. It provides 4,000 towing capability, but the SLT-1 and SLE trims can get this towing capacity when you add AWD.

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