Best SEO Keywords For Car Dealerships

You will learn one step which is keyword research for finding SEO keywords for car dealerships that you need to know in order to rank your car dealership number one on Google. I will provide some SEO tips about how to position your car dealership to drive more traffic to it.

The main thing you need to know is what keywords are. A keyword is basically search phrase that somebody may type into Google to look for your business. For example, when looking for a honda honda near me.

You can see Honda near me, gets about sixty five thousand sixty thousand five hundred searches per month. The average cost per click is about six dollars and four cents. And the competition is about 0.2.

Best SEO keywords for Car Dealerships

Driving traffic to website, you need to figure out what keywords are that your end users are searching for. Like Honda near me, Camry near me, Honda dealership near me, Camry dealership near me, Tesla dealership near me. It does not really matter what type of car that you sell. It is just a matter of figuring out what keywords are important for that vehicle that you sell.

Once you figure out what types of vehicles and what type of inventory you sell. That is what is going to help you determine your keywords. If you sell Honda’s you make sure that your website is optimized for the hondas that you sell.

If you sell Jaguars, Camrys, Teslas, BMWs, Mercedes-Benz, it does not matter. It is all the same exact process you need to figure out what keywords your end users are searching for. For example, Honda dealership Miami, Honda dealer near me, Honda dealers near me. As well as Toyota near me, Honda motorcycle dealership near me, 100 dealerships near me, Honda service near me.

Different variations of SEO keywords for car dealerships are also going to be applicable to every single type of vehicle that you may sell. BMW dealership near me, BMW dealer, Mercedes-Benz dealers near me and so forth and so forth. That is what you need to understand from a keyword research standpoint and that is keyword research in a nutshell.

This is the first essential process you need to know to get top ranking on Google for your car dealer website. Without keyword research, you will not hit the right target of customers.

The next thing after keyword research is optimizing your web pages with the SEO keywords for car dealerships that you just researched.

If you are a car dealership typically you are going to focus on local seo. Local seo is going to be centered around a city and the product. Like Cambridge Honda dealership or Honda dealership near me, Honda dealership in Boston, Honda dealership in Texas. But not Texas to whole state but Honda dealership in Dallas. Like Dallas, Texas, Houston, Texas Boston, Massachusetts, Miami, Florida same exact concept because you are focusing on local SEO.

What Google cares about is making sure that users have a good experience. So what Google are doing with your website. Since it is so tailored towards honda dealerships and within a local city. Google are ranking them at the top because they are giving their users a good experience. So this is about SEO keywords for car dealerships.

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