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When you like about custom car, there is also one area that would be awesome. That is window tint. If you have one thing that needs to be changed because you do not want to get exposed by the other city walkers or city dwellers, you are recommended to use window tint. In a state especially California, you are advised to be in line with the certain law about window tint.

california window tint

There is a law about window tint in California that is California window tint law. You are required to be obliged to this law if you are about to change the window tint of your car in California.

This law is like you can make a tinted window on front side for passenger side and front windshield for driver. But the level of allowed percentage is 70 percent. It means that you can use a windows tint that 70% allow the light coming into inside your car. Another is to use top 4 to 5 inches of transparent strip.

You can always be safe from any fines, ticket fines, if you follow the rule or regulation of local authorities. You will also noe be asked to remove your illegal car window tint if you follow the guidelines.

For more detail about it, this can be described like this. The allowance of percentage of tinted windows is called by VLT or visible light transmission. This means the percentage of light can pass windows glass as well as tint film.

Other than that, if you also want to get tinted windows on the back, rear and back side windows are not restricted. Which means you can use dark tinted windows.

Current year, this state law also change its regulation. In the past, you can use color film on windshield and any windows such as red, silver, amber or other coloring tinted film. But you can not do it right now because it is not allowed by the regulation.

Based on current regulation, the reflection that window tint can produce can not be more than standard windows can produce. For exemption, citizen in California can apply for medical exemption for window tint application to the states. Sunblock can be used by certain people who has applied such exemption to use on the day time only. However, it is still not permitted to use in the night.

Car owner in california can ask this form from a party that is authorized to give permission to use window tint to block the sun because of medical situation.

Owners also are required to have document of windows tint stating the level of VLT of tint film. This document also must state about the company and address of the tint film.

If the owner does not follow it law and is known by officer, the car owner can be ticketed without a fine on the first time. After second time, the officer can give a fine of $25 and request the owner to remove tint film. After the third time, the officer can give the owner of $197 fine.

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