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You can use auto detailing SEO to grow your detailing business and any local business. This is applicable across all local based businesses. Google owns 85% of the market share in the US. Yelp is also search engine. Amazon is also search engine. Quorra is also a search engine. These are all search engines that you can use to find something. But for local businesses, we are going to be using Google. Everyone uses in the US at least. The goal as the business owner is getting your website ranked on the first page of Google. So you can generate traffic, leads and sales.

How to do SEO for car detailing? So the first thing, go to Ahrefs. This is just a tool that shows you the volume and how difficult it would be to rank for a keyword. Car detailing in Melbourne for example it is to show you what you need to move up rankings.

Auto Detailing SEO Company

It is pretty easy according to ahrefs to rank for this keyword. Yet it gets over a thousand volume. It is worth a lot of money to be in the top spot. If you are in the top three you are mostly gaining a lot of traffic. Number one spot is not getting a lot of traffic just due to the reviews.

You can move up the rankings. If you want to show up for this keyword, you want to have it at the beginning of your meta title. Then have the brand name. When you search brand name is not as important as the actual keyword itself.

You can change your meta title then have dash or something then your actual company name. Definitely add keyword to the beginning of your meta title this is called the meta description. At the beginning of the title, it is definitely important.

This is h1 the biggest text and it also gives Google the greatest signal for what your website is about. Again you want to have your keyword as your h1. Maybe use a different keyword such as mobile detailing people. So you can use a different variation. Just to cover all your keywords but definitely add it for your h1. You have the weather that gives Google even more of a signal. It gives like a geo tag almost where you can see that you are located in somewhere. If you have images or aspects on website about your place, it gives it more a ranking signal. Do not put your keyword in too many times. Say maybe three four five times max for the home page. If you have a google my business you would embed your google my business.

Add more content to the home page section. One of the main drivers behind ranking on Google is your page site speeds. Improve your mobile speed like to say that 85 is the minimum. 84 is definitely going to be close to good enough. That is a ranking factor. Google does not want to push websites at the top of their rankings that simply do not load. Try to get this up a little bit 90 for sure but 85 will be good. Improve your site speed you will see an improvement in rankings. Improve desktop site speed and website for both friendly. You are going to want to have car detailing plus your city.

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